Viata Romaneasca - ("Romanian Life") was formed in 1971 by folk dance
enthusiasts interested in the dance and culture of Romania. The ensemble
debuted at the International Institute's "Holiday Folk Fair" in Milwaukee
that same year, and has performed there every year since then. Over the
years, the ensemble has performed at various festivals, conventions, and
parades around the State of Wisconsin, as well as private parties.

The ensemble has learned authentic dance steps and styling from
professional Romanian instructors, and some members have traveled to
Romania to learn more about the dances and traditions.

The ensemble's repertoire of dances represents all of the regions of Romania. The ensemble has costumes representing most of the different regions, many pieces of which were made and embroidered by members of the group. Other costume pieces were purchased in Romania of were gifts from the Romanian Institute of Cultural Relations in Bucharest, which also donated numerous audio recordings and reference books.

In 1979, Viata Romaneasca expanded to include non-performing members interested in promoting other aspects of Romanian culture, folk crafts, and traditions. This cultural group designed and built an exhibit booth for use at the "Holiday Folk Fair". The booth represents a Romanian peasant home and is used to display traditional artifacts, crafts, and festivals.

Membership in Viata Romaneasca Dance Ensemble or Cultural Group is open to anyone, with or without Romanian heritage, who is interested in promoting Romanian culture and dance. 


For more information contact:

Pat & Ken Dretzka